Startup Manage Tools

Create a business plan and KPIs. Manage results and accelerate your Valuation and Maturity.

Startup Manage Tools

Strategy business plan

Know how much money you will need to run your business throughout the period and have a long-term plan including income, expenses, and results.
Strategy business plan

Keep control

Forecast revenue and track development to gain insights to boost performance.
Be aware of how much money you'll need to raise over time.
Achieve greater valuation and maturity by adjusting your planning in real-time.
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Manage KPIs

Obtain KPIs that StepHubs will create for you automatically, depending on your strategy.
Establish your own KPIs to maintain business management.
Organize the KPIs by department and give your team an overall picture.
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Business Strategy
Journeys of acceleration
Business Profile
Manage startups ecosystem
Plan Revenues
Plan Expenses
Measure Results
Money Required Calculation
Generate Presentations
Startup Network
Startup Community
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